Go Green – Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market

Visit Your Local Farmers' Market“Going green” and “eco-friendly” are just a few of the words describing our current, more environmentally conscious, society. These phrases are encouraging but where does the average person start? Do we have to install solar panels on our roofs or purchase a hybrid car? There are less daunting ways to live a “greener” life and visiting a local farmers’ market is a small step in the right direction.

A farmers’ market is a designated place and time where farmers gather to display and sell their goods to the local community.

Some operate daily while others are open on a specified day once a week. Around the world weekly market days are a tradition. When traveling, plan to visit the neighborhood market to get an authentic taste of local food and culture. Farmers’ markets are growing in popularity as people begin to see the many benefits of consuming locally grown, farm fresh food.

Advantages of Shopping at a Farmers’ Market:
Advantages of Shopping at a Farmers’ Market

  • Locally grown food is fresher; it hasn’t traveled as far as most supermarket produce.
  • Fresher food means more nutrition and better taste.
  • Produce is often organically grown which means there are more restrictions on pesticide and insecticide use.
  • Livestock is often raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and is usually fed a healthier diet.
  • Farmers’ markets keep money in the local economy and help family farms stay in business.
  • By avoiding long distance shipping, locally grown produce uses less fossil fuel.
  • Farmers’ markets skip the middleman and encourage relationships between consumers and producers.

More Than Just Fresh, Locally Grown Food

jams at farmers' marketFruits and vegetables are not the only items found for sale at a farmers’ market. Each market has it’s own unique selection of products for purchase which can include flowers, baked goods, seafood, honey and more. Local artisans and craftsman display jewelry, art and variety of crafts which typically will not be found at the local supermarket.

Take some time to find out when your local farmers’ market is happening. There may be more than one in your area so check out the days and times that are most convenient. Consider bringing a reusable shopping bag to carry your fresh purchases home. If the location is close enough, think about walking to the market and saving the transportation cost. Talk to the vendors and get to know them and their products.

As consumers become more informed about their food source options they are better able to make healthy, economical, society benefiting choices. This new year it’s simple to begin “going green.” Just start at your local farmer’s market.

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